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Delay or flip-flop; either way sports need to happen

Sports Editor

As a sports writer and a fan, I am very excited that the LHSAA has come out and reaffirmed the commitment to play sports in the fall.
There are people out there that believe that fall sports should be shut down for safety purposes, just ask Senator Cleo Fields.
And, believe it or not, there are those people that think that those in favor of starting sports back up are putting money ahead of safety.
For those people, don’t read on. What I have to say in the next sentence may offend you.
That is one of the most asinine thoughts ever.
Do you truly believe that coaches and administrators would really put monetary issues ahead of the kids that they love and advocate for on a daily basis?
I have talked to a number of coaches around the area and the one sentiment they all have in common is that they want to play sports in the fall, but in A SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE MANNER.
What is deep in the heart of every coach in this state is the desire to see kids have a normal life once again.
Already, kids across this state are in a state of confusion and anxiety when it comes to the approaching school year. None of them know right now what the beginning of school is going to look like and they are extremely apprehensive about that start.
For a number of kids throughout the state, school and sports are a safe haven. There are countless adolescents that depend on school for its routine, for its structure and sadly for its provision of the only meal they may see in a day.
And, those same adolescents see sports in the same way. They use sports as a way to remove themselves from the chaos of their home life and they use sports as an avenue to keep themselves on track academically.
As a former high school coach, I have seen first hand kids stay afloat with their grades because of sports. Kids that are “C” students during a sport season, spiral down with their grades once they are done with that season.
High school sports are not just about the X’s and the O’s. It is not about the money, like it is in the professional leagues. It is not about keeping a scholarship to a university like it is in college athletics.
Rather high school sports are, more often than not, about keeping a kid off of the street and out of harm’s way. It is, at times, about saving a kid’s life.
So, no matter what plan or proposal is needed to keep sports open in the fall, make it happen!!!!

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