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Just how special was the perfect LSU football season?

Sports Editor

The great debate begins.
Now that LSU has completed a perfect 15-0 season, everyone that is anyone in college football analytics is trying to determine if the Tigers deserve to be tabbed as “The Greatest Team of All-Time”.
There is no doubt that LSU put together a magical season. The Tigers not only beat every opponent on their schedule, but they also destroyed a number of them along the way.
It is hard to wrap your mind around what LSU was able to do this year, especially on the offensive side of the ball. First of all, not only did the Tigers beat seven teams ranked in the Top 10, they also did that by scoring the most points (726) in a season in NCAA football history.
Let’s not mention the fact that almost all of the major individual awards went to LSU Tigers, nine total, including five by now legend Joe Burrow (or is it Burreaux).
There are those out there that, despite what LSU did this season, that may still not believe the Tigers to be the best team to every hit the gridiron in college football. A number of “experts” believe that the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers, 1999 Florida State Seminoles, 2001 Miami Hurricanes, and the 2004 USC Trojans are all in the mix to claim that title.
No doubt it is hard to compare teams from different eras. There are teams that played in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, 60’s and even the 70’s that dominated the game to the point to have a say in who the greatest of all time should be.
It is so hard to compare apples and oranges.
One of the main reasons that people say that LSU is not the best ever is the play of their up and down defense. Even with the most amazing offense to take the field in the history of the NCAA, the defense did struggle throughout the year.
But, should that really hold the Tigers back from being name the top dogs of all time?
Maybe. Maybe not. It all depends on the perspective taken.
Heck, even LSU alum and National Championship player Marcus Spears said that the 2001 Miami Hurricanes was the best ever.
For me, whether LSU is named as the greatest of all time does not really matter. What really matters is that no one can argue that the Tigers did put together the most magical season ever seen.
There was no doubt the stars all aligned in the right direction for this team to do what it did in 2019-20.
Think about this. A graduate transfer from another top program, an unwanted coach from down da bayou, a boy genius offensive assistant, a humble to a fault offensive co-ordinator and a group of highly coveted players and assistant coaches all had to come together at the right place and the right time.
Talk about karma!!
What made the season even more magical is that the team battled adversity every step of the way. From injuries, to suspensions to tragedies, LSU had to weather the storm for six straight months.
In the end, it was the mixture of humility and confidence that prevailed. Humility in knowing that changes had to be made in order to make LSU the team to beat this season. Confidence to know that no matter what, the Tigers were a team of destiny.
So, go on with the debate about who is the best. There will never be a winner because there will always be bias.
As far as I’m concerned, put LSU at the top of the list or don’t. It makes no difference.
For me, a die hard LSU fan, and most importantly a connoisseur of all levels of football, naming the Tigers the best ever is not what I took away from watching this team play.
Instead, I saw a coach and a team take a plan and make it work to perfection. And that is how I define special.
Just my opinion!!

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