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The Marks Post: Footprints

You ever had one of those days where what seems to be a series of random events turns into a time for personal growth? Well, I had one of those this past Sunday.
Reeves High School baseball coach Jason Savant and I follow each other on Twitter, and we stay in contact with each other because of it. A while back, he told me how he and his family go to Latin Mass every Sunday at the Society of the Holy Ghost Friary in Morse. I had gone to Latin Mass a few times before, so I told Jason I was interested in going. I decided to make the trip this past Sunday for the 8 a.m. Mass.
Right when I walked in the door is when the series of random events began.
I put my hand in the Holy Water bowl, but there was none. While I was fumbling around in the Holy Water bowl, an older lady gave me a look like “what are you doing here?” After I got the look, I hurried up and went into one of the pews.
After the Rosary and Litany, I sat down in the pew and opened my Roman Missal to the part with the Latin Mass. Once Mass started, I couldn’t follow along in the Missal because it was all Greek to me.
Like I said, I had been to Latin Mass before. But, I forgot how in shape you have to be because of all the kneeling. I managed to kneel straight up for most of the time. My legs were getting tired, so I went down to rest my arms on the back of the pew in front of me. I went back-and-forth between positions and then went into a half kneeling and half sitting position. At one point, I was squirming in and out of all three.
The Mass went on, and it came time for Communion and reception of the Blessed Sacrament on the Communion rail. I knelt down on the end of the rail where the gate to the altar is. As I was trying to stand up, I put my hand on the gate and it swung open. I quickly closed it before anybody noticed. As I was walking back to my pew, I had to contain my laughter, and the thought of “who invited this guy” flashed in my mind.
After Mass, I walked outside, and there was the lady who gave me the look with another lady. It’s like they were waiting for me. Then the Inquisition started. They asked me who I was, where I was from, and how I knew about the place. I told them I’m the sports editor in Oakdale and know Jason because he’s the baseball coach at Reeves. Well come to find out, the lady has seen me around because she works with the cafeteria staff in Allen Parish. The Inquisition ended, and the ladies told me I could go back anytime.
I visited with Jason and his family before leaving to come back home. On the way home, I kept thinking and laughing about all the things that happened to me during Mass. It brought a much needed sense of joy. With everything going on in the country today with mask requirements that seem to go on until the 12th of never and Major League Baseball going “woke,” my sense of joy has been dulled.
I got back home and went to get a BBQ lunch from B&S. I sat down to eat at my usual spot at my dining room table whenever I get such a lunch on Sundays.
As I was eating, I looked up and saw the pictures of my dad’s parents and my mom’s parents that are between the windows and the corner of the wall. On the, I guess you call it, adjacent wall is a framed copy of the poem, “Footprints.”
I looked that framed copy, and then it hit me. Whenever we get to the end of our life and look back on 2020, we’ll see one set of footprints in the sand beginning around March when COVID first reared its ugly head. Like the poem says, that does not mean Jesus abandoned us during this tough time in our lives. It means He is carrying us through it.
I know what you are probably thinking. You are probably thinking what is the point to all this. Well, my point is this. Our country is going through a tough time right now. The very core of the Constitutional Republic is being tested. Because of what we see or hear in the news, our collective joys have become dull like mine was. But, we all need to find something like random little moments to rekindle the Spirit in us.
My second point is this. We all need to realize Jesus is carrying us through the tough times in our lives including now. Only He can get us through it.

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