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Mims’ Memo: A missing Christmas spirit

With Christmas approaching, I’m reminded of how exciting and magical Christmas time has always been. This time of year, you are able to reconnect with family you may have not seen in a long time. Some of these loved ones you possibly haven’t even seen since last Christmas. There is always lots of food and the joy of giving gifts. However, this year as Christmas approaches, I cannot help but reflect on the many changes that have taken place in my life since last year’s holiday season. Some changes have been good, while others have been bad.
One of the biggest changes this year will be the absence of my mom, who lost her battle with cancer back in March. This was one of the hardest things I have ever faced. She passed away two days before my birthday, which made this year the first where we were missing her at every holiday. All have been difficult, but, besides Mother’s Day, I would have to say Christmas will be the hardest. Mom loved Christmas. She enjoyed going to see the lights and making her famous fudge. Last Christmas, my husband and I, along with my dad, were able to take her out to see the Christmas lights and bring her out for supper at Applebee’s. This Christmas definitely won’t be the same without her.
On a positive note, this year I became a grandma, or as my grandchildren call me - a “mims,” for the second time back in August when my handsome little boy Mayson was born. Everyone knows about my granddaughter, Bella, because I always have an interesting story or two to tell about her. Being their mims has brought me great joy and excitement. It is true when they say that being a parent is great, but being a grandparent is even better. I find myself doing things for my grandchildren that I never did as a parent.
While the downs this year have been extremely low, and the ups have been unbelievably high, I can say each situation has made me a better person. I have learned a lot about myself and my walk with God. I now love like there is no tomorrow, and I remind myself regularly to let my family and friends know that they are loved.
The advice I would like to give to all this holiday season is make as many memories as possible. Also, cherish every moment with the ones you love even if they seem small. Be sure to take lots of pictures, and simply just enjoy the company of each other.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my family to yours. Remember the reason for the season, and may God bless you all.

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