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Rejoice if you are a sporting fan; summertime is here!!

Ah, summertime!! My favorite time of the year for a number of reasons.
Number one reason: I am a teacher!!
Secondly, it is a great time if you are an all-around sports junkie. It is the time of the year where you can get your fix on just about any sport you choose to watch, especially this year.
For those of you that are beholden to only certain sports, namely football and basketball, this may be the time of the year where sports channels are turned off and you find yourself sitting in your recliner, snacks in hand, waiting for that first kickoff of the gridiron season.
I, myself am also waiting in anticipation for the first glimpses of the fall sport that I was apart of for 30 years of my life, as a player and a coach.
However, if you just try to get out of you comfort zone for a teeny tiny little while, I think that you would see that their are a number of sporting events that are very interesting and sometimes even thrilling to watch.
This summer brings a ton of sporting choices. To start with, three of the four major golfing events take place during the dog days of summer. This weekend will bring the U.S. Open, while the Open Championship (I still call it the British Open) will kick off July 9th, and the PGA Championship follows in August.
On the tennis front, the grass courts of Wimbledon will once again be filled with the best in the world beginning June 27th. The U.S Open makes its appearance in late August, just a few weeks after school starts back up. (Unforturnately!!)
If you are looking for some spills and crashes, the Tour de France begins its month long ordeal on July 7th. This is a favorite of mine, just because of the fact that I get to see the small towns and villages that the riders go through. It makes me curious to know about the people that live there and sometimes it makes me jealous, especially when I see the beautiful scenery that those folks get to see on a daily basis.
For the rabid soccer fan, it is once again time for the World Cup. Even though the United States will not be competing on the big stage this year, there are plenty of amazing athletes that will don the pitch for a chance at the biggest prize in the sport. I have become a bigger and bigger fan of soccer over the years, mainly because of my brother Nick. If you don’t understand the strategy, just watch for a little while and you will get to see the picture. (If I can, anyone can!!)
And finally there is America’s Pastime. Not only do we have Major League Baseball all summer, but beginning this weekend we have the College World Series, one of the most exciting events in sports.
So, there you have it. If you truly are a sports fanatic, there are so many opportunities to get your fix, all you have to do is find the remote and enjoy. For those stick in the muds that only watch one or two main stream sports, I say at least try to broaden your spectrum. You never know, you might like it.
Just my opinion!!

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