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Small business column: Teet’s Food Store

In nearly every small town, there’s a local business everyone knows and loves. Those “mom and pop” establishments that your parents went to and their parents before them. For the people of Ville Platte, that small business is Teet’s Food Store.
Named after the original owner, Lawrence “Teet” DeVille, this family-owned grocery store specializes in smoked meats, including smoked sausage, tasso and ponce.
Now, more than 60 years later, the DeVille family continues to share Louisiana staples like boudin and cracklins with their neighbors and newcomers.
And as with many small businesses operating under an excessive and burdensome tax code, their opportunity for growth was limited by the old system.
Since the implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, however, Teet’s tax rate was cut by almost half. That means they now have nearly twice the money they did before, and can use those savings to invest in their business.
Just this month, Teet’s made a major announcement. They are building a brand-new store, increasing their meat selection and branching out to include a full-service bakery and deli.
Much of our district is made up of local shops just like Teet’s. In fact, 99 percent of all businesses in Louisiana are small businesses, employing more than half of the state. It is critical that our tax code works for them, not against them.
Thankfully, our reforms in this Congress have put America back on the right track. Businesses like Teet’s are reporting higher wages for their workers, increased profits, and more plans for expansion because of the pro-growth, pro-business policies enacted late last year.
Tax reform is allowing “mom and pop shops” all across the nation to realize their dreams, grow their businesses and invest in their employees. Main Street is thriving and Americans are seeing the results every day.

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