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West’s World:Leading the pack with faith

If there is one thing the last year and three months has taught me as Managing Editor of the Ville Platte Gazette it is that if your faith remains strong then there is absolutely nothing in this world too big for you to handle.
When I accepted this position just over 15 months ago, I only thought I was prepared for the task before me. As internal and external forces have not only hoped for but actually attempted to facilitate my demise in this position, I’m grateful that today I can say my Lord and Savior has seen me through each battle, which has led me to many successful outcomes.
I first embarked on this journey a little over three years ago when I became the associate editor - a position where I merely learned the tricks of the trade. But, my transition into Managing Editor quickly showed me that I wasn’t just playing in a new ballgame. At that point, I had actually begun playing in a whole new league.
I became the leader and the decision maker of the editorial staff, and while at first I may have struggled a bit, at this point in time there is literally nothing I enjoy doing more then leading my staff and making tough but necessary decisions. The confidence I have in myself has grown tremendously.
With a smaller staff and then soon an earlier press deadline put on us, the road blocks I’ve experienced have sometimes seemed too overwhelming. I often questioned in the beginning of my time as Managing Editor if I would be able to not only do the job required of me, but do it well.
It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was going to need a lot of prayer, a lot of Jesus, and an awesome sidekick to help see me through the many challenges I would face. Thankfully, God gave me Tony Marks, who has been a gift not only to this newspaper but also to my life. He has taught me patience - something I greatly lacked in the beginning of us working together. He has brought much joy to our newsroom during some of my most trying times as Managing Editor.
Each hurtle, like when the decision was made to make our font size (size of each letter) and leading (distance between each line of words) smaller, we have conquered together. This decision meant with a smaller staff we had to produce more work to fill our paper and we had less time to do it in due to the new press deadline.
Often now when the impossible is thrown our way you’ll hear me say, “We’ll find a way to get it done,” which Tony will then respond by saying, “We always do.” And guess what? Somehow we, along with the help of our intern Ali Moras and Sports Editor Tracey Jagneaux, really always do, and it feels so dang good.
The tough lessons I’ve learned as the leader of the editorial pack is that sometimes the ones you think have your best interest at heart actually don’t. I’ve cried many tears over this realization. However, today I smile over those situations that once hurt my heart so badly. The reason why is because each let down I’ve experienced has made me abundantly stronger and has made my faith in Christ and my faith in the ones who truly have my back, like my family, the strongest it has ever been.
I’m not the same naive little girl that walked into this office in June of 2015 I can promise you that.
Today, I am instead a strong woman who has the armor of God protecting me, and who has one goal in life, which is to spread His mercy and love while on my quest to fight for the right things to be done.

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