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The Marks Post: A typical day in Dogpatch

How’s your quarantine going?
I thought this was a good time to share with you know how I was dealing with it.
The only major difference from normal times is there is no daily Mass. So, instead, I still go sit in Sacred Heart and spend some time with our Lord.
Other than that, it’s really a typical day in Dogpatch.
I still get up in the morning and come to work at the office. After work, I go home and still play with my cats, troll social media, and watch Matlock and Perry Mason.
I change things up a bit every now and then. For instance, I started watching The Plot Against America on HBO.
On Wednesday, I watched the first episode of Matlock, but the second was an episode I had seen not long ago. So, since there wasn’t much of anything else to watch at 6 p.m. because there is no baseball, I put it on Fox News.
Back when I was watching Fox News regularly, it was Shepard Smith at 6 p.m. I liked watching his show, even though he went to Ole Miss. Now it’s Martha MacCallum, and she looks a lot better than Shepard.
After watching Martha, instead of flipping over to Perry Mason, I kept it on Fox News to watch Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.
All three shows on Fox News had two main similar stories. First, the coronavirus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology as a scientific experiment, and, second, residents of Michigan were protesting the governor’s rigid stay at home orders.
I created a tizzy on Facebook when I posted how the Michigan governor said she doesn’t want people to put themselves at risk. I added that if Americans never put themselves at risk, the French would be speaking German.
My point is we are a nation of taking risks. That is what made this country great. Also, we take a risk every morning when we leave our homes. We are at risk of getting in a car accident every time we get in our cars.
I hear all the pundits say these stay at home orders are flattening the curve of the Wuhan flu. But, they are also infringing on our civil rights and civil liberties.
Tucker Carlson had on his show Wednesday the governor of New Jersey. The Garden State is the state most affected by the Wuhan flu outside of New York. Tucker asked the governor about his stay at home order and about him deeming liquor stores as an essential business. Even though liquor stores are open, churches are closed. The governor could not give Tucker a straight answer.
The point being if people can gather at a liquor store in New Jersey then why can’t they gather at a church, synagogue, or temple? Freedom of religion and the freedom to assemble are still Constitutionally protected rights.
As for the protests in Lansing, I applaud the efforts and wish we would do that in Baton Rouge if our governor keeps playing around with his stay at home order.
This mess will clear up soon, and we will all get back to normal. There will be sporting events and public gatherings again sooner than all the pundits think. We will recover because, like Mr. MacDowell said on Coming to America, “This is America, Jack!”

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