Pictured above is Jamie Roberts, who is the pastor of Turkey Creek Church of Christ. He explained his satisfaction of spreading the word of God to his congregation. (Gazette photo by Lori Butler)

Roberts celebrates five years as pastor

Jamie Roberts enjoys his congregation’s openness to hearing God’s word at Turkey Creek Church of Christ

Jamie Roberts is the pastor of Turkey Church of Christ and recently shared how he continues to be a religious leader and what he does to help out the church.
Question: When did you become a pastor?
Answer: I had taught the youth group in our congregation for several years and was serving as Deacon. Then in 2012 our Pastor at that time resigned to take a pulpit in Sellersburg, Indiana. I volunteered to speak one Sunday service, and it went from there.
The elders asked me to speak full time while they conducted a Pastor search. By mid to late summer 2013, it was presented that I might be God’s choice, and I was ordained on November 17, 2013.
Question: What made you decide to become a pastor?
Answer: I did not choose to become a Pastor but feel God called me to do the work of a Pastor. I had no aspirations to become a Pastor but simply obeyed God’s calling. God calls all men to salvation and service of some sort. That is what His church is. The Apostle Peter wrote to us in 1st Peter 2: 9, “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”
Question: What do you get, spiritually, from being a leader at Turkey Creek Church of Christ? What do you enjoy about leading the congregation there?
Answer: I feel God has given me a chance to serve Christ Jesus who left Heaven and came to earth to set men free, conquer death and save our souls. It is like an exchanging of gifts. His gift of love can never be matched but being of some small use to Him is the greatest feeling I know of.
And seeing Him change the lives of broken and broken hearted people and families is nothing less than seeing for myself the power of God and it strengthens my own faith.
Question: What kind of impact do you try to impart on your congregations as their leader?
Answer: That life on earth is temporary, and that Heaven and hell, salvation and condemnation are a very real event that will be determined by what we choose to do with God and His Son. Eternity is real and what you do now determines where you will be then.
Question: What are some of the issues you see today among your congregations — what are people’s worries and concerns?
Answer: God’s people see things differently. As for world issues and our health and financial lives go, we are taught to pray and not worry. Jesus said in Matthew 6: 33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”
What concerns our congregation most about world events seems to be the fact that sin is no longer seen as shameful by society and things like hatred, immorality and indifference toward God and our fellow man is on such a steep rise
Question: What are some of the ways you are addressing world issues with your congregation?
Answer: I point them to the scriptures for God is never caught by surprise and his Holy Word tells us His will and way to respond and strengthens us with His Holy Spirit.

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