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Pictured are several of the soaps that are available for purchase at the Evangeline Chamber of Commerce/ Tourism Office in Ville Platte. Proceeds of the sale will benefit the Evangeline Arts Council. (Photo courtesy of Suzy Lemoine)

Evangeline Arts Council hosts virtual engagement projects

The Evangeline Arts Council (EAC) is a non-profit organization represented by artists throughout Evangeline Parish. It celebrates all works of art and recognize unique artists in and around our community. EAC was designed to offer engaging art classes and workshops and encourage opportunities in the arts. The programs are taught by community artists who share their talents to inspire creativity from their students both young and old. Programs are open to anyone and everyone, and when things begin again in 2021, the public is encouraged to bring a friend, relax, and let their imagination flow. EAC wants to share this opportunity for positive connection, with all individuals, of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.
With the COVID-19 restrictions still in place and for your well-being and ours, EAC has had to rethink how it can continue to connect with its present and future members, so it asks that you join for fun filled inspirational projects online until everyone can meet again. Follow EAC on Facebook to learn about upcoming activities, workshops, and project.
The first inspirational Facebook online engagement is called #stilllifechallengs.
Here are the rules:
•Take this photo as a reference to your own art piece.
•You may use any material you like, such as pen, crayon, marker, clay, digital mediums, paint, etc.
•You may do as much or as little of the picture prompt as you like-it’s your picture!
Then, upload and post a pic of your finished piece on the Evangeline Arts Council page and we will show off your wonderful work.
EAC is also using the rest of this strange year to focus on inspiring ways to raise funds for its non-profit so that 2021 can be a stellar year. Its first idea is to create an item that would be appropriate during the time of COVID, so it created Artsy Soaps Keep You Safe, and they are on sale now at the Tourism/ Chamber office. Another idea brewing is an auction event called “Rocking on Main.” It will involve several artists who will be asked to create a Louisiana themed scene on a donated rocking chair. It will be signed by the artist too. When the rockers are completed, they will be placed in businesses around the parish for folks to check out in person. The artist will get free publicity and folks will have fun bidding on them via Facebook. EAC anticipates an October 1 kick off date with the bidding process continuing until the end of November. The high bidders will be contacted in early December to pick up their unique, one-of-a-kind EAC Rockers. Please drop by the Tourism office to see these cool soaps and some unique works of art. Questions: 337-24-6475, Suzy Lemoine, Secretary.

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